What is Credi vote?
It is an web-based platform design to cordinate the credible voting system.
What does it cost to create a Contest
It basically cost nothing for a self manage contest
How many Contestants per Contest?
No Limit
Is there a unique Link for Contests and Contestants
What does it cost to vote?
It depends on the Contest's Convener.
How do I pay for vote?
Payments are done online via the use of , the use of
  1. Paystack payment gateway
  2. Aimtoget
  3. Vpin
  4. Crediwallet
  5. Voucher
What is Crediwallet
It is an e-wallet that voter can credit and thereafter use it to vote
How many time can a voter use Crediwallet
There is no limit to the number times the Credivote can be use as long as the unit on the wallet is not exhausted.
What is an incomplete vote?
Incomplete vote are votes that were not counted ot computed.
What are the possible causes of an incomplete vote
Network or system failure and interruption of the voting process by voter.
Can someone outside Nigeria Vote
How many times can I vote at the same time?
As much as you desire, but only restricted to the maximum number of votes per voter allowed.
As a Convener, Can I charge people for voting.
How do I get paid as a Convener?
Part of the Contest's Settings is Remittance Account Details
Is there any Charges attached?
Yes, you will bre charged 30 percent of the total revenue generated from a contest
What are the requirements for votes to go live?
  1. The Number of Contestants must equals the number contestants whose information have been updated
  2. The Date for the request must have gotten to commencement date
  3. Vote cost must have been set
  4. Votes payment Option must be Set